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Vape Evasion (CAN)


Vape Evasion is the Canadian king of fruity eliquid flavors. All Eliquids are 70% VG.

DASH: A delicious eliquid blend of grapes and kiwis.

FLOW: This eliquid reinvents the passionfruit by adding a blend of pineapples and oranges, and a drop of coconut.

TRINITY: A delectable eliquid blend of peach, papaya and coconut. 

SPLASH: Strawberry kiwi eliquid with a splash of refreshingly sweet goodness

SPLASH ON ICE: Same eliquid as above, but with an "ice cold" effect.

PISTACHOLLI: The only non-fruity eliquid in the Vape Evasion line, Pistacholli is a light, fried dough gently wrapping itself around sweet, creamy ricotta filling. It is then sprinkled with dusted pistachios and confectioner’s sugar. A European classic eliquid!


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